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Nebraska State Fair Marathon Virtual Options

Click here to submit your virtual race results.

Click here to download your virtual bib and finisher’s certificate.  

Virtual Race Information, Rules & Regulations

Our virtual races offer participants all the same great swag as the live event (shirt & medal) mailed directly to the virtual runner upon completion of the virtual race requirements (listed below).

➔   Must be registered specifically for the virtual race. No athletes registered for the "on location" race will be eligible to compete in the virtual race.

➔  Athletes may transfer to the virtual race until August 4, 2022 @ 11:59PM.

➔  Athletes may transfer from the virtual race to the "on location" until August 4, 2022 @ 11:59PM.

➔    Virtual race participants will receive their race shirt and medal in the mail upon completion of their run (within 3 weeks after the event). Shipping and processing is included in your registration fees. Virtual participants cannot pick up their race packets, all items will be mailed.

➔  Virtual race participants may run the registered distance within 3 days before or after the scheduled live event on 08/27/22, so between 08/24/22 and 08/30/22. 

➔  Results from the virtual run must be submitted no more than 3 days after the scheduled event date so by 11:59 pm on 08/30/22.

➔  There are no refunds, bib transfers, or deferrals for virtual race registrations.

➔  After registering you will receive a confirmation email which includes the link for submitting your virtual result as well as the link to view all virtual results in ranking order.  Please keep this confirmation email until you receive your virtual item shipment, as we will ask for your confirmation email if there is an issue.

➔  Results submitted are only used for ranking virtual participants. No placement awards will be given based on these results.


●     Where can I find my bib number?

       Find your bib number here.

●     What is the link for submitting results?  

       Click to submit your results.

       You’ll be asked for your first and last name and email address. After entering your information, you’ll have the opportunity to print a finisher’s certificate.

●     How can I view the results for this virtual event?

       View virtual event results here.

       Remember: results submitted are only used for ranking virtual participants. No placement awards will be given based on these results.

●     Where am I supposed to run?

       Anywhere!  There is no set course, and you may complete the distance for which you registered wherever you like.  

●     What are the time limits for each virtual race?

       There are no time limits. The only stipulation is that you run the miles consecutively.